How to join

1. You need to resell at least 20 IDs in the past month. If you have already done so, simply send a reseller request to my Customer service and we will automatically provide you with a one month reseller status. Contact

2. You need to resell at least 10 IDs per month to keep your status.

3. Once your status expires in 30 days, your account page will be notified.

4. When you find that your status has expired, you can renew your order with just 10 more orders.

That is it! Go eat bread now. You can earn 80% or more based on the fees you charge to your customer base.

Here are some benefits:

1. We will charge a fee for each order which no matter how many people you order.(For example, no matter you order 10 people in an order or just one people in an order,we only charge $40. As an agency, you can pocket the difference,then you will get a lot of money from it.)

Besides this, you need to pay for shipping for each order.

2. Includes free repeats!

3. Priority delivery for all our orders!

4. Access to many resale resources.

5. AS dealers, we will provide you with the opportunity to receive some ID samples of your choice in order to show the customer in person. If you are interested, please email my Customer service for more information.

Benifits of our Fake IDs

You can do MANY interesting things with a perfect Fake ID. It's a great passport for your to buy Alcohol and Cigars
go to bars and even spent an splendid night. You won't regret for your choice